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Direct Invoice Imports

Automatically import your invoices from Amazon and other retailers with a click.

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Track every milestone of your shipments, from warehouse to your house.

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Easily generate necessary receipts for a smooth customs process.

Your trusted mate in navigating the seas of freight forwarding.
At Parcel Pirate, I understand the whirlwind of managing shipments, especially when your treasures are journeying through freight forwarders to reach the serene shores of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Born from a personal quest to tame the chaos of my own shipments, I crafted Parcel Pirate to be the compass that guides you through every wave and wind of your freight forwarding adventures.
My Mission
To offer a seamless, user-friendly platform that empowers residents of the Turks and Caicos Islands to effortlessly organize their shipment receipts, track their freight at every leg of the journey, and ensure their treasures navigate smoothly from warehouse to warm sands, all without costing a doubloon.
How We Set Sail Together
  • Direct Invoice Imports: Effortlessly import your invoices from Amazon, or manually enter receipts for any order.
  • Shipment Breakdowns: Divide your orders into individual shipments, making organization and tracking a breeze.
  • Comprehensive Tracking: From order placement to the final pickup, follow your shipment’s voyage across every milestone.
  • Customs Made Easy: Generate PDFs and spreadsheets of your receipts to smooth out the customs process, ensuring your goods land without a hitch.
  • Designed with You in Mind: Tailored specifically for use with OEC and other freight forwarders serving the Turks and Caicos Islands, because we’re part of the same crew.
My Promise
Parcel Pirate is more than a service; it's a commitment to my neighbors and fellow islanders. As a software developer who has weathered the storm of disorganized shipments, I built this platform for myself and quickly realized it was a lifeline others needed too. Parcel Pirate is here to eliminate the confusion and clutter of managing freight forwarding, letting you focus on the joy of your shipments arriving safely to our beautiful islands.

Join me on this journey. Let's make shipment tracking a breeze and keep our islands connected to the world, one organized parcel at a time.
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What Our Users Say

"Man, Parcel Pirate done make shipping life a breeze! Used to run 'round like a headless chicken with all them receipts. Now? Smooth sailing, just like cruising down Grace Bay on a lazy Sunday. No fuss, no muss, just me and my shipments in harmony. Big up to Parcel Pirate, the real MVP of the high seas and paperwork!"

- ChatGPT when asked for a quote with local flare since there aren't any users on this brand new system, soon come!
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